The search for Happy Hour begins!!

Way back when (before some of you were old enough to drink)  a bar owner in Somewhere, U.S.A. decided that he needed to find a way to get more patrons into his establishment. A variety of beers, liquors and wines wasn’t enough so he (or maybe she) added chips, pretzels, nuts and in some cases popcorn.

But while salty snacks were tasty (and certainly didn’t hurt sales) they eventually became boring for some folks. So another bar owner thought about adding other foods, like sandwiches, fried vegetables and.. (thank the Beer gods!!) wings. For a low price you could stop by a local watering hole after work, fill up on food and drink yourself silly and while you’re at it buy more drinks for your friends. Which brought about the need for pitchers, but I digress.

And thus was born Happy Hour. It has undergone some changes over the years but the idea has essentially remained the same; good food (and I mean bar food not fine dining), good drinks and good company.

The hard part is finding a place nowadays that has all three of those basic elements in the same place. A lot of places are specializing so much that you can’t find the combination that pleases the way it should.

Join my friends and I as we visit places around the town we live in (Gainesville, FL – GO GATORS!!) and other places in Florida and Elsewhere U.S.A.. We will share our thoughts on the venues, the different craft beers and breweries and the food. And you can join in the conversations we’ll have on whatever tickles our fancy (thus the Philosofiers in the title – Phiosofiers intentionally spelled wrong…discuss).

Writing again soon,