The “Death” of Craft Beer

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen the ad put out during the Superbowl. It was put out by Anheiser-Busch InBev and was obviously a crack at craft beers lovers. Calling craft beer lovers “Beer Snobs” and showing a gent with an overly large mustache sniffing a snifter of beer before drinking it.

I’m not sure if I was more offended by the over acting of the sniffing or the overly large mustache (I both sport a mustache and sniff my drinks, not just beer, before I drink them).

But what I really found offensive was the direct implication that only Anheiser-Busch took the time to brew beer correctly. I just brewed a batch of American Pale Ale myself and it is requiring at least a week longer than the ad implied in its advertisement.

If you follow craft beer news at all the you have probably seen the backlash of craft beer supporters attacking this ad since then. If nothing else Anheiser-Busch InBev has at least put their name back out there in the public eye. Using the axiom “There is no bad advertising!” as a strategy is usually the act of desperation. I will leave comments on that ad at this point.

I also just read another article asking “Is the craft beer revolution over yet?” which you can read here if you choose.

I am here to say categorically no.. the craft beer revolution is not over. We’re just getting started baby!!

Look, if you don’t like craft beer then don’t drink it. It’s that simple. You don’t see a lot of commercials promoting it (I don’t recall any actually) so no one is pushing it down your gullet. I don’t see billboards and sports teams or models wearing clothing with the craft breweries printed on them.

This is a homegrown- taste driven phenom that will not go away. So get over it already. To paraphrase the late George Sternfels (who was a good man and a great wine sommelier “If you like the beer, drink the beer.” But as a word of caution I will add..

They will have to pry my craft beer from my cold dead hands.


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